If you google (er, excuse me, search the internet) for:

"Leni Riefenstahl" + "George Rodger" + Nuba

you will find many other discussions about her, and specifically how
George Rodger didn't trust her with respect to photographing the Nuba people.
(Or, if you have a copy of Russell Miller's book on Magnum on hand, you can
look for her name in the index.)

I first became aware of her in 1967 when I was watched "Triumph of the Will" as a college freshman. (Those long loving shots of the soup kitchens were just the thing for a hungry 1930's audience.) There is no doubt the film was very effective, and
that she was good at what she did. Only much later did I become aware of her still photography.

I like the Jesse Owens portrait, but...but...but...I can't dismiss the other baggage that comes with her name.