A very involving thread!

When the Israel Philharmonic had to decide, many years ago, whether or not they would include thr music of Wagner in their repertoire I was deeply interested in the reported process. It does not need to be elaborated that Wagner was a profoundly brilliant and expressive composer, AND/BUT, a rabid, and much published anti-Semite whose tracts, laden with the most egregiously specious "logic" (especially regarding Mendelsohn), were published and celebrated by those of a similar disposition. That Israeli orchestra chose to embrace the genius of what was musical while acknowledging what was repugnant. I can't begin to know their angst in making that decision, but I applaud their courage to confront an exceedingly difficult one. So, Israeli audiences buy tickets to hear concerts that feature repertoire composed by a man whose moral and ethical compass wallowed in swampscum, but who feel that the musical 'worth' of his genius trancends even that loathesome abyss. I choose to side with those who can distinguish Reifenstahl's 'art' from her execrable moral choices.