Poor Che. I read his diaries in the '60s and kinda felt sorry for the poor bastard. Wandering around in the jungles, trying to keep the revolution going while good old Fidel was setting himself up in Havana, exploiting him as a symbol. Ain't it a kick in the ass to realize politics--and politicians--mostly just float in the sewer, no matter what side they're on?

Photography-wise, it's just a portrait that has become an icon. The original horizontal photo was improved with the vertical crop. Korda probably got sick of telling the story and watching the picture get turned into a marketing ploy. Good for him that he finally got a few bucks for the photo but, really, no one outside the photo-crowd knows (or rcares) who made the photo. I look at it and remember how naive and idealistic I was before I realized how bullshit rules, walks and talks in the scheme of things.