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I wouldn't say that the talent is degraded by her actions--she is not any less of a photographer because she used it to support the Nazi cause. She is less of a human. Since she used her art to support the cause, this taints the art, in my view.

Also, since I have nothing against gay people, I would say that your analogy is not accurate at best. At worst, it is insulting.

Dear Matt,

We have a fundamental difference of perception here: art cannot be tainted. Either it's art, or it isn't. The artist is another matter.

As for the gay analogy, I have nothing against gay people either. Or against many communists. And I've met enough ex-Nazis to understand how people can be sucked into something without really knowing what they are doing or supporting (note that I am not saying that Leni Riefenstahl was, or was not, in the last category).

What I meant was simply this: there are plenty of anti-communists and homophobes who will make exactly the same argument about 'tainted' art because its originators were communist or gay. Their views are no more defensible than yours.