Has anyone fooled around with enlarging lenses for MF macro? I recently picked-up 50mm and 80mm 6-element Nikkor enlarging lenses and I wonder whether its worth the trouble to adapt them to my Rolleiflex SL66?

Do they cover 6x6? If so, any idea of which f/stop and amount of extension required for coverage? I'm just trying to get a ballpark number to see if they fall into a useful magnification range for me.

I wonder how sharp they will be? The 80/2.8 Planar seems to perform pretty well but I think the 50/4 Distagon suffers in the macro range being a retrofocus design. I don't own one but the 120/5.6 S-Planar is just too long to consider for some of the higher magnification work I do.

I haven't got them yet - I assume they are LTM in which case I can rig up something to mount them. A blank SL66 lens board and a junked Soviet LTM lens mount ought to do the trick.

One day those Zeiss Luminars will be mine though! I keep hoping to find some at the university, free from somebody's junk drawer...