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This one Michael, I do not at all understand.

Lenny was American born, grew up in suburban Boston and had an affair with his mentor, also American born, Aaron Copland. We all know that.

He came into prominence in 1943 when he conducted the New York Philharmonic as a fill-in for a ill Walter Bruno.

He later went on to compose a number of both "classical" and "semi-classical" works including "On the Town"; "Candide"; "West Side Story" etc.

Is your point that he was gay?

Here are some links:

Google "hit" on Leonard Bernstein for full research:


Wikapedia (and I now the pros and cons of this citing this site) but this one is quite accurate and more "honest" about his sexual preferences - since that may concern you:


And the "official" bio from Sony records:


Now, would you answer three questions?

1) Why would you bring Lenny Bernstein into this thread to begin with?

2) Having done so, what was the reasoning why you felt a need to cast aspersion on his character?

3) Do you think that Lenny B. some how used his artistic talent to glorify a murderous leader and regime bent on exterminating people (Jews such as himself) so that you would equate him with Leni R.?

Kind of like a "Say wha'?" situation here, Michael.
I was responding to/adding to what Jovo said about Wagner. But I was way off base on the musician/conductor.

It was Herbert von Karajan and not Bernstein. My knowledge of conductors is sorely lacking.