"- didn't Hitler hate the Olympics in the end because he wanted them to show that the Aryan Race was superior in all ways, which they obviously weren't and he hated Jesse Owens because he was such a superior athlete. If I remember correctly, he hated this photograph (correct me if I'm wrong). You could say the message of the photograph runs counter to Nazi ideals. Hilter was an out-an-out racist, not the sort who thought that black people were O.K. as athletes....And this photograph stands as a powerful celebration of Jesse Owens..."

Wasn't this photo taken right after Jesse Owens refused to lower the U.S. flag to Adolf Hitler, when every other country had done so? To glorify the man who had publicly insulted Hilter in front of the world would not have earned her any brownie points.

Is this the greatest sports photo? No, that would be:Ali - Liston

Helen B , I think Leni Riefenstahl's motives were considerably more personal and complex than goose-stepping to the party line.

Just a opinion.