Ok, first of all, thank y'all very much for the replies.
No, I have never seen the black stuff in the pre-soak because I have never used Ilford films before. I always used Kodak, mostly Tri-X and Vericolor type S and that was it. I never saw the black stuff with the Tri-X.
Both rolls of film were shot in daylight and shade. Shudder speeds were roughly 125-250 and f stops were 8-22. I did not log them. With 400 speed film, feel I should have got SOMETHING.
I used a new Kiev 88 TTL viewfinder on one roll and a Grossen Profisix on the other.
I just took the back off of the camera and ran it through all shutter speeds and f stops. The shutter speeds looked and "sounded" right. The aperture looked about right.
I will not be able to look at the comercialy processed Fuji until Friday, as there is no 1 hour process on Med. Format here.
Does anyone have any idea of other quick and dirty tests that I can run until then?