I would love to have seen that showing at the ICP.

I knew I was getting old when I heard on the Boston radio stations commercials for the Boston NASL team "The Revolution", playing the Jefferson Airplane's song "Volunteers" ("...Got a revolution, got to revolution...") from the album of the same name.

A song calling for revolution is now being used to promote a soccer (excuse me, Europeans, a football) team. You younger folks should expect "Rage Against the Machine" to be used to sell socks in the future....

If you have the DVD set "Adventures In photography", you'll see Korda describing the taking of this photograph.

(Grumpy old man now limps off, stage left.)

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There was a showing at ICP a while ago that displayed the "progression" of this photo from an original news-like pic to a "glorification" of a dead revolutionary to a 1960's and 1970's lithographic icon and on to a current day advertising brand!

Right now they mainly use the image on T-shirts and stuff. But one more generational turn and it will be possible to use Korda's "Che" on a mainstream brand item and it will rival the Coca Cola signature!