I made a quick search about this and it seems that noone has touched the subject on APUG before:

I would like to talk about the first couple of frames on a 35mm roll, the ones we shoot while advancing the film to the first frame... there has been several exhibitions with those frames in the past (by avant-garde artists, of course...) and lots have been said about them (especially about the "unconscious" creative quality of them, using "surrealist" territory and theories).

What about the creation of a new Gallery "space" in APUG, where every 35mil shooter will be able to post his/her "unconscious masterworks" ? I know I don't shoot 35mil that often (Claire, please no comments about my M3) but I think I might be able to find some really interesting ones... could you (all) ???

I think it might be entertaining and instructive to see what pure luck gan give as a result (like if we gave cameras to a few chimps) sometimes... careful editing - of course - can be of great help to make the final result more interesting...

So, how about it ?