Hi to all. Here is the scenario. I am using my Nova deep tanks for developing Fuji Crystal Archive paper in Agfa chemicals. I have NOT changed anything (except the chemicals-see later) including agitation rate or temperature. Problem - suddenly the paper which is normally not exposed to light (under easle masks) is coming out an irregular blue/purple instead of white. An unexposed sheet (safelight off,) does the same thing, the problem is worse at the edges of the paper. The problem continues with a new batch of chemicals and with a new (previously unopened) batch of paper. There are also numerous fine dark specks found together in clumps all over the paper. It doesn't matter if the paper comes from the top, middle, or bottom of the batch. All paper has been stored in paper safes in the darkroom or was in unopened packs.
AAAARGH!!!!! What has changed? Where do I go from here? Any advice may well save my sanity- this has not occured before.
Regards- Mike.