I've only seen snatches of her film, and only as a child. I'd like to see it again, and see all of it, so I can make an informed opinion.

I remember being struck by it - any fascistic overtones would have passed me by - and I know that the beauty of it, the way she used viewpoint and light, was probably one of the first influences on me with regard to photography, and a love of film.

I feel it's important to remember also that those elements within the film - celebration of the power of the body, celebration of the athlete, weren't in themselves fascistic, - (neither was the importance of the agricultural worker) - those concepts were shared by past thinkers, and also extreme left-wing movements, and also the left-wing back-to-the-land movements in Europe between the wars. It's only as time went on they became irretrievably bound up with Hitler's brand of Fascism.

I know Hitler's attitude to the Berlin Olympics, I've already said what I feel about that and the Jesse Owens photo.

I think also the movement things were going in the thirties in Germany were not as clear as we sometimes think, and were very muddled with social and economic concerns, and embittered feelings about the post-war (First World War) treatment of Germany.

I certainly don't want to make excuses for her - but I can't help remembering the power of her work, and also the complexity of history where it doesn't seem to me to make sense always to be too categorical.