It's very nice to see a new area dedicated to liquid photographic emulsions.

I have a small experience in "homemaking" one... It's the easyest formula you can find in "Silver gelatin" book (page 131). I made this when I was in Denmark and right now I don't have any prints made with it. I remember it was very grainy, slow and loooow contrast. Also, since we used food gelatin for it it had also an interesting weak "greenish-black" tone.

It was also good for making bromoils, apparently, since it contained no hardeners.

Speaking of hardeners, has anyone experience with EFKE liquid emulsion? I use Foma liquid emulsion and Silverprint SE1. Silverprint emulsion is far too expensive, but I find it good with homemade toners. I'd like to try the Efke emulsion sooner or later. Do you know if it is good for bromoils? Does contain any hardeners inside? Is it realiable?