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Yes, Arem are great. For those who don't know it, Roger Maile the founder started up Creative Monochrome as a bastion of Wet bench monochrome. Because of the market he, perforce had to 'go digital' as well. Roger produces a bi-monthly magazine called 'Mono' as well a as booke, mostly devoted to monochrome images. Another very good supplier is Focal Point in Exeter. Chas, the owner always has trad stuff in stock and will always get anything for you pretty quickly. Focal Point's tel no. is 01392 495445 e-mail address:focalpoint@eclipse.co.uk and web page is: www.focalpointphotographic.co.uk All the best, pyrometol
Thanks. It's always useful to be able to bookmark another trad retailer. One thing I found curious is that he is selling a box of Kentmere VC Select 10 x 8 100 sheets for 18.07 and a roll of 20 inch x 33ft for 19.46. If my maths are correct this amounts to 50 strips of 8 inch wide paper which are 20 inches long. Cut into two strips each of 10 inches this is 100 sheets of 8 x 10 at 19.46. So an uncut roll is 1.39 more expensive than a box. I'd have expected it to be the other way round. Usually rolls are cheaper.

As you seem to know the proprietor, I just wondered if you knew of the reason for this.