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I have been volunteering to do a project for our State Dept. of Human Services for several years for kids up for adoption. (It's a subject close to my heart) Now I'm being asked to be apart of a project for the YWCA to photograph immigrants for a traveling exhibit. I kind of like the idea of using photography as a community service and as long as they pay for film and paper, it's not too much out of my pocket. I'm just wondering how far this can go and do I want to expand it by offering my services to other organizations? Would I be taken advantage of? Would they otherwise hire a professional photographer who makes his or her living from their work? It's an interesting idea. What do you do when asked by such organizations?
Based on my volunteering experiences with/without my cameras, it sounds wonderful. But for the sake of saving your energy and soul, just don't overkill. You should make a commitment based on what you want to achieve first.

Ask your organizers how much work they want done that they need from you and how long they want you to stay on this new project. Is it just for a quick PR purpose or requiring a full body of documentary work? Is it going to take just a day, a week, a month, six months, a year...? And is your regular work schedule going to be okay if you start doing this?