Well, I know you have all been waiting with bated (or is it baited?) breath, wondering did he buy it or not.

Alas, the camera will not fit my needs. The opening for the lens board could not be altered to accommodate the rear element of my 75mm. The camera was designed for older lenses and I don't know of a bright, good quality older lens short enough for my needs. Nor could I justify the purchase of a lens, when for the price of a decent lens I could get a press or field camera that would fit my lenses and my needs.

I did take a look at a Graphic (a crown I believe) it was not nearly as compact, but otherwise seemed comparable.

The Busch Pressman is a fine camera though, other than weight (it is a bit heavy for hand held shooting), I can see why there is such a following for cameras of this kind.

Thank you for your help.

By the by, during a search on google "busch pressman" this thread came up on the first page. Not too shabby.