When I travel - I want a camera that will pack small - not weigh too much and give me negatives that I can really work with. Not being satisfied with cute little film, I have been toting around a Yashicamat. I am getting weary of the single coated lens that is not sharp below f5.6 and my Rollei is too big and too expensive to tote. So I am wondering about an upgrade. I wonder if the Bronica ETRSi would be a good choice. It looks smaller and lighter than the SL66 Rollei. It looks like half the cost of my Rollei for a used one. I don't travel with a compliment of lenses but I could manage a wide (40) lens that would really compliment the standard 75mm lens. I read some reviews that said to stay away from the 75 MC and get the EII lens? Anyway there is also the Mamiya C330 too. Am I heading in the right direction here? A Bronica would also make a good backup camera for the few weddings I do as well. I would consider a Hassy but that wouldn't be the travel camera - Better to loose or damage a Bronica than a Hassy.