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Dave. Yes, quite true but just curious as to the economic rationale why roll is more expensive. Both prices have got Nova beat at 20 but only just and of course I may be comparing apples and pears as Nova's price is for Ilford Multigrade IV.

Anyone care to comment on what differences I am likely to see if I were to try a box of VC Select compared to Ilford which I am very happy with.

Two points; I notice that they are quoting VAT free pricess for some reason, which is misleading, and they don't give postage cost; so not quite as cheap as at first sight. As for Kentmere VC against Ilford R/C there is little difference with the gloss, Kentmere is about half a stop faster, but in appearance I doubt if you will notice the difference. Other types and finishes do vary quite a bit however, and are worth trying.