Lots of good info -thanks- I read up on the Mamiya gear stripping problems and the lack of parts - kind of wonder on that one. I should have listed my specs a little better. I really don't want the -kick-around-in-the-Jeep-lost-in-luggage- camera to be $1000 loss. The RF cameras look great because of their size and weight. I am not sure I am willing to to spend that kind of bucks. There are no cheap ones - in my economy- This is not a primary - it is in addition to the Rollei system - and all the LF and ULF etc. It looks like the difference between the ETRS and the ETRSI is mirror lockup and some extras in the viewfinder. (the travel camera doesn't need mirror lock up) I found an ETRS with AE II finder, 120 back and 75 2.8 PE lens for $365. (About the cost of a C220) That is a little more comfy for my budget and the risk. Otherwise - I could go pump iron and carry that Rollei. I just can get over how inexpensive these Bronicas are - - So are they any good? I guess the 6x4.5 cameras are lighter than the 6x6 versions - It looks a lot smaller. And is it reliable? I know that if I continue to do weddings, I'll need another MF Body and I can get this one and have a 40, 75 and 200mm lens out the door for $884. To know that I can replace the body for a little over a hundred bucks is pretty enticing. The lenses are all shutter lenses and they are easily half to a third the cost of any other glass I have acquired.