I have a SQA which I bought used 8 or 9 years ago when I lived in SW Florida. I used it there is 100% humidity and salt air. I now live in New Mexico and have used it here in very dusty dry conditions. The camera has never failed me. Just finally sent it back to Bronica/Tamron for a CLA. I use the older P lenses, not the newer PS lenses which are the equivalent of the PE lenses. I love the look of the P lenses and have no qualms about them. The camera, even without the speed grip, is very hand holdable, even more so with the grip.

The ETRS series is smaller than the SQA. You have the option of switching films with the separate film backs. (The film backs sold me on the SQA) You will not be disappointed with a Bronica, especially at the price they are going for now. And as far as a wedding camera, the photograph who did my wedding used an ETRSi.

Good luck.