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If you don't like that, Ilford had a line of desktop transport processors for Ilfochrome which are supposedly very good, though they still go for $500+ used on EBay.

the problem with alot of ilford processors is that they weren't made directly by ilford and the support & spare parts is really spotty on them now. The smaller cap40 I think was made by thermophot, and I don't believe it's supported anymore--may be wrong on this though.

Unless you really know about the model and feel comfortable in setting it up & doing any maintenance on it yourself--I'd avoid used processors in general--especially ilford, unless it's something like the ones made by kreonite. A better bet would be something like a durst printo or maybe a fujimoto. At least with these models, they can reconfigured for other speeds & processes--so you're not locked into one process should it become obsolete.

buyer beware....