I like it but it makes me a little sad. I often am amazed when I am on vacation and see folks with a video camera glued to their eye, almost non-stop. I often wonder if they actually experience the place they are at, or have we reached a point where the only experience some people can relate to is if it is played back through the TV?

I think we are rapidily approaching the time when all tactile experience will only be satisfactory through some type of interface or intervening medium.

I guess it is a puzzle to me how some people find the recording of an event or trip more important then really experiencing it at the time.

I love the color in the image. It was interesting to read to previous post about Parr not using photoshop, but for anyone who has seen color work starting in the mid to late 80s you find his images are always keen on clashing, contrasting colors in some aspect of the image.