There was also a short rail version with a recessed front standard and bag bellows. I beleive the rail was about 13" and the front standard was designed with about a 3/4" recess. I had one of these for my first camera and used a borrowed 75mm on it with no problem. With the standard camera it may be difficult to get movement with a 75mm with the camera closed that tight.

These are great cameras for anyone wanting to start out in LF. Inexpensive and plentifull on Ebay, they sell for between $150 and $350 without lens and above that depending if a lens is included. The venerable "grey ghost" has complete view camera movements, vertical and horizon levels and a revolving back. Lens boards are easily had and easily made. The only downside is they are not as portable as a flatbed, and the round rail design can produce a slight amount of yaw on well worn cameras. I eventually bought another one with the long rail and would remove the rail, hold the standards together with two large rubberbands and carry the camera and rail seperate in the backpack.