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Rather a dense collection of cryptic statements here!

On APUG, or in the art world? And is this good or bad? A certain amount of self-belief and self-assertion is essential if you are going to present work to the world.

Artists in general have the aim of making their art as understandable and accessible as possible (as opposed to critics, who mainly want to mystify everything and justify their own existence). Presumably the "very few" includes yourself?

No and yes - lack of skills training is a major handicap for a photographic artist - you need to understand how the camera sees, be quick in operating your camera if necessary and understand how to manipulate the medium to make it say what you want it to say. Yes, few photographers produce art - it's too easy to be sidetracked by photographic technology, and dealing with the emotional journey of becoming an artist is more than most photographers can handle.

Automatic deference to authority was that great mindset that brought us the Holocaust, the Vietnam war, etc., so three cheers that it has broken down. Yes, everyone can be an artist, musician, journalist, writer, critic, etc. today on the Internet - but to be GOOD, you need the same qualities that were always necessary!


egos, here in this thread.

i am in school, learning art. i know enough to know very few people really understand what art is. alot of people can tell what is or isnt "art", and maybe talk about it, but most do not understand what it is.

i still disagree with you on the artist making a photo. i would say an artist (not trained in photography) armed with a point and shoot 35mm, and a local lab, could make art more often than most photographers. or a digital camera for that matter. thats what im saying....an artist armed with a cheap digital camera, would make art more often than a photographer with a 4x5 and a nice b/w film.

i totally agree with you about the holocaust and vietnam. the other side of that is - we will never again have a band like the beatles - or anything that so many people, as a group, are into and influenced by (good or bad). im saying, anyone can be those things today, because their is no authority on what is or isnt good. it is left up to you and me, and everyone else with a computer, to decide what is good. no more getting published, getting signed to a record deal, or being shown in a gallery. anyone can record an album, show work labeled "fine art", publish (sorta) a book, write a news story - today, and have an audience. things have changed.

im not trying to be cryptic.