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i still disagree with you on the artist making a photo. i would say an artist (not trained in photography) armed with a point and shoot 35mm, and a local lab, could make art more often than most photographers. or a digital camera for that matter. thats what im saying....an artist armed with a cheap digital camera, would make art more often than a photographer with a 4x5 and a nice b/w film.
Thanks for your response, Steve. Actually you don't disagree with me, because I agree with you! Most hobbyists/enthusiasts who use 4x5" do get sidetracked by technique and end up practising photography as a craft. It's not quite the same for me, since I am (just) old enough to go back to the days when 4x5" was the normal choice for everything! If an artist picks up a camera, he/she is more likely to be driven by a desire to express an idea - I myself feel with my own work that using 35 mm cameras results in much more spontaneity. And I feel that essentially all art photography is conceptual, insofar as it's the idea that counts - technique does require study but it isn't SO hard - at least compared with something like sculpting in marble!

As regards knowing what art is, I can't claim to have the definitive answer, but as I have gone through professional life, I've found that an approximate working definition has emerged in my mind (and I've needed this every time I've had to take snap decisions when curating exhibitions and commissioning other photographers and also when deciding whether my own work is good, bad or worthy of being placed on public view). I am sure the same thing will happen to you as you go through your college course and beyond.