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i still disagree with you on the artist making a photo. i would say an artist (not trained in photography) armed with a point and shoot 35mm, and a local lab, could make art more often than most photographers. or a digital camera for that matter. thats what im saying....an artist armed with a cheap digital camera, would make art more often than a photographer with a 4x5 and a nice b/w film.
I'd have to disagree with you, photography is not like any other art form, in that as a photographer we have to take what is in front of us, and try to make sense of it. With painting and other art forms, everything can come from the artists imagination. The art in photography comes from how the photographer chooses to express what is seen in the lens. The reality is that very few artists have made the transferrence between mediums successfully, and are recognized as photographers. There are some great photographers like Art Wolfe - who studied art in school - but the majority learned either on their own, or through photography schools.

Of course, as David Bebbington says in his post, some photographers get lost in the technique; mostly B&W photographers (IMO). There is also quite a bit of discussion whether color landscape photography (my genre) can be considered Art or even Fine Art.