Ed, I didn't read THAT post about the distilled water. Hmmmm. Well, now I wonder. I think I will test that next week. I still have a few light leaks and still managed fine this morning when the sun came up. But I think that with the production level I keep up, I will be fixing that.

Noseoil, I think you just hit me one the head. I build like a man, and have kids like a woman. Thank you, a well received comment on my end.

Andre, I bought this shop in June of 2001 from two old guys. I knew nothing about photography, nothing about aerial mapping, nothing about pre-press negatives or halftones. But I saw these two cameras, and I said to myself, "man, I could have some kind of fun with these!" and I have never looked back. GOD, I LOVE MY JOB! I got 30 half days of "training" and handed the keys.

So I don't understand most of the time what you all are talking about in your darkrooms, because mine is just so different. And I guess I have been told you all don't usually understand what I am talking about. BUT...
I can certainly imagine the annoyance level I would experience if I had to share my darkroom with anyone whom I wasn't in charge of, ie an employee or one of my children. I have thought maybe to take a photo class at the local university, but I don't know. I have seen great "by ear" musicians kind of loose their . . . . awesomeness, when they tried to go back and get a formal education.

I'm so sorry, I probably sound like I'm gloating but honestly I am just so pleased that everything has gone so smoothly. So far not one thing has shown itself as a problem. So my relief at not having the usual problems with moves this size has turned to extreme JOY!

By the way, I am never behind the camera the way you folks are. I am a darkroom craftswoman, not a photographer, per se. I think with Donald Miller's and Ed Sukach's occasional guidance I am starting to grasp some what is discussed here.

Well, clearly I have been a bit talkative tonight. So for now I will go. Get some rest. Unload boxes tomorrow. I hope I will have a chance to really tell of the move in a cohesive manner some day, but right now it is all pudding. By the way if you want to better understand the cameras, go to


I have two Camera/Projectors as my mainstay.