Thank you for the welcomes! I appreciate it.

Art is for everyone to enjoy. Everyone. What i am trying to say - is that, if you are going to try and create the art, you should have some understanding of what art is. No? It is up to you to do things everyone can relate to - or not.

I think it is an essential part of art, to discus it.

I would say, the majority of photographers that will be remembered in the art world, have had a formal art education. There are exceptions of course, some extremly notable ones, but it certainly is not the majority. Some of my favorite photographers are self taught....

It is a misconception that simply because one uses a large format camera and film(or any combination of equipment), one is practicing "fine art photography". Which seems to be the view held by most people here.

As some have said, I think we are talking about two different things. Art, and art photography, are different than "fine art photography". I think the later is used by those in the photo world, whos goals are not simply commercial. a seemingly more pure persuit, but in that context its just a self applied label, which becomes kind of meaningless. especially since, there is no consensus, on even what it means to be a "fine art photographer". i would never call what i do, fine art photography.