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A simple approach is that others might think someone's images are beautiful , whereas someone with formal training in art knows there is more to artwork than beauty. Someone formally trained in art might also be able to explain to another individual the formal elements. Of course, simply following formal elements, or applying ones knowledge from foundations training is no more a guarantee of producing compelling art than buying a camera, or a set of paints and brushes.Ciao!

Gordon Moat
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In some ways this discussion reminds me of a recent thread on technique in photography, what it means to us, the different elements that are or are not important or necessary, and the value we give to them.

Art is about many things and takes many forms. Fundamentally it is about expression and communication - of ideas, thoughts, emotion, feeling - different combinations, different elements. It can be an art primarily of ideas, or it can be a very personal journey of the artist. Sometimes context and analysis is important, even vital, sometimes it isn't, and the power of the art transcends everything else.

Photography is as much of a fine art as pottery can be (when the use of the pot is to be looked at rather than used). It is also fundamentally about communciation.

What makes it beome 'art' as much as anything else, can be about beauty, and what makes us wonder about the world and what it is to be human.