I'll have to ask the person I gave it to I guess!

It was ncie though to see such a thing covered and placed on the FRONT of a magazine.

As I develop, I find it harder and harder to find a magazine that fits where I am at. I don't need to know things like "How to use your light meter", but at the same time some of the higher end magazines tend to go into "here is XXXXX and they made this picture...." Nice, but sometimes I need more technical stuff. Plus it can be a bit daunting to see the work of people on the level of Jack Dykinga and (insert a Weston here).

Speaking of Westons....

I got a copy of B&W Magazine last week. My girlfriend started looking through it. After about 10 minutes she simply said to me "You should change your name to Weston. These Weston people all have shows."