Just confirming that I will be there. I was planning on attempting to make the Sunday gathering in North Georgia, but the 10 hour drive just didn't work out. My 8x10 is on my workbench right now so I'll be there with a 4x5 Korona and maybe some MF gear as well...

There is no mill left, only the concrete foundations and a few scraps of metal sticking out, but for those that are no familiar with the area, there are two parking lots for the trail, one at the mill, which is the parking lot further down the road, and one near the deepest part of the ravine, which is nearer the park entrance. The mill ruins parking lot is the larger of the two, but a good number of cars can fit at the other parking area.

The trail follows the ravine from the first parking lot to the second by following a spring run located at the bottom of the ravine at the first parking area. The trail is wide and well trodden so it should not be a problem to lug gear along it for the couple mile distance, but if there are a number of us, someone might want to consider leaving a pickup or large vehicle at the closer parking lot to ferry heavy gear back to the mill parking lot.

The weather looks superb for this type of outing, and in the ravine the temperature will be noticeably cooler than at the road level due to the heavy cover. There was a decent amount of light reaching the trail when I was there last, but it is less than open canopy so be aware that lighting level may be low in some spots. With the rain we've been having, I would expect the trail to be moist in places, but not washed out or overly muddy - it's well constructed in most places if I remember correctly. We may have an increased level of flow from the spring as well. I don't know much about the depth of its water source, but even if the level is not up, we should still have good amount of flowing water.

- Randy