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There will be, if reasonably possible, a second release, specifying individual images, BOTH photographer and model agreeing to their use.

If this sounds complicated, I'll agree that it is. (snip)
Note that all the above applies to "Fine Art" ONLY, produced by me, exhibited by me .. without further publication. Certainly, It may not be appropriate for other uses - Commercial - comes immediately to mind.
Yes, seems a bit complicated but for "Fine Art photography" where the model is more of a partner than part of the environment, it makes sense to me. Only issue I wonder about (and you have much more experience than me, Ed) is the notion of putting that much control over your art work in the hands of the model. What happens if you have a really great Art Photo that you know will make you lots of fortune/fame but they don't like it and refuses to sign the 'second' release for 'unreasonable reasons'?

For most other uses, this might be so cumbersome that nothing would ever get published. In these situations I tend to agree with what the last couple of posters said: in public almost anything is fair game and "i don't know nuttin'".