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... What happens if you have a really great Art Photo that you know will make you lots of fortune/fame but they don't like it and refuses to sign the 'second' release for 'unreasonable reasons'?
So far, it hasn't happened. I'm usually - more often that that - I have ALWAYS been more sensitive to the content than the models. Of course there is a chance of disagreement - I'd probably cry and scream and moan - but the model WILL have the final say.

There is a lot of preparation that goes into a photography session - especially one dealing with nudes. We both have to agree to what the "theme" of the session will be, and I always show the model my work - both on the walls and in my portfolio. I take great care to make the agreement to "work together" and "what will be done" clear to both of us ... so there haven't been any "five o'clock" surprises.

For most other uses, this might be so cumbersome that nothing would ever get published.
Simple solution: Get another Release, specifying that particular use. I have "been published" - and it is difficult to envision pens with a greater velocities than those in the hands of models signing such a release... for a magazine like "Elle".

In these situations I tend to agree with what the last couple of posters said: in public almost anything is fair game and "I don't know nuttin'".
Well - look at the bright side - Lawyers have to eat ... uh... drive Porsches ... too!