Hello all-

World Toy Camera Day 2006 is Saturday, October 21st.

We will have a print exchange of pictures made on that date.

It will be a group exchange, with groups of 4-6 people.
To join the exchange, please send me a PM with the words "Toy Camera Print Exchange" as the subject.
In the body of the PM, include:
Your APUG nickname
Your email address
Your actual name
Your mailing address
The last day to sign up for the exchange will be Tuesday, October 31st, 2006 at midnight, GMT.
The groups will be announced no later than Tuesday, the 7th of November, 2006.
It is expected that all prints will be delivered no later than the 31st of December, 2006.

A working definition of what a Toy Camera is can be found here.
If you would like to participate in a discussion of what constitutes a toy camera, please do so there. Beyond stating that digital toy cameras are not OK, I won't weigh in on what is or is not a toy. Use your judgement.

Prints may be of any size. Most people will probably send 8x10's.
Color, B&W, alt process are all welcomed.