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How about:

"For value received, I irrevocably relinquish my rights to any future profits or other additional compensation and, hereby consent to the publication and public showing of my photograph(s) used by David B, whether or not with my name or any text, captions, illustrations whatsoever, and additionally I unconditionally release David B from any and all liability for such use in any and all media."
I would assume that this wouldn't get you very far in court since it is not at all clear that the value received will be considered "consideration" for the purposes of a contract. The issue I have is the permanent nature. Without the permanent nature, if it just has the language of the first and second releases posted by David, there is no need for consideration to have been received, it is not a contract, only a statement of permission being granted.

Edit: I am not a lawyer, I have just read enough to be dangerous.