glbeas wrote:
Les and Don, I have a question about flashing VC paper.
What are the qualitative difference between flashing with the 3 filter or no filter, just the 5 filter or just the 0 filter? I've seen little mention of any testing on this aspect and was curious of any results gotten so far before I start experimenting myself. I seem to have so little time in the darkroom lately it's going to be a while before I have a complete set of results on the paper I want to use.

I have tested flashing VC paper with different filters and my conclusion is that there are no benefits and this has been confirmed by Richard Ross of RH Designs. My tests were assessed by my eyes and personal judgement which is the way that I make my prints, Richards were much more scientific for he is a Dr of Electronics as well as a fine photographer and his tests agreed with mine.[/quote]