Well, I have read almost everything written here about Fine Art Photography and still don't understand.

In Spanish, there is a similar concept, Bellas Artes (=Fine Arts), that applies to the six tradicional arts: Architecture, Sculpture, Painting, Music, Declamation and Dance. Theater was included in Music and Poetry in Declamation. Later, cinema was added to the list and in Spanish, it is called "el sÚptimo Arte", the seventh Art.

But photography is not in yet.

Anyway, as far as I understand the whole thing (Art), it seems that, you are not considered an artist (in any media) unless some influential critic says that.

And back to fine art photography, every month, there is a section in Black & White Photography magazine ( the British one) called Golden Oldie. In it, the work of a photographer from other time is shown. Most of them were magazine photographers (Life, Picture Post, Town & Country, Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, etc) and the pictures show the elegant and beautiful people of the time, as well as other artists and now, all this images are own by Getty Images. Well at the end of the section you could read:
"Fine-art prints of these classic images, and many others, can be purchased through the Getty Images Gallery by calling...".