Thank you for your blessing.

The copy cameras and their 8 enlarging lenses, make it possible for me to shoot negatives up to 24 x36 inches or enlarge from negatives up to 12" x 18" and print sizes up to 50" x 100" AND enlargements from 10% to 4000% (4000% is taking a 35mm negative and printing it straight to 36 x 48). BUT it is important to remember that I bought a business that USED to provide 90% of the pre-press negatives for the region. they collapsed when they didn't go digital. I simply fell in love with the cameras and have tweeked them into color and b&w photographic enlargers. When I bought the shop the aerial prints were printed using a little 10 x 10 box enlarger with a series of mirrors and four pieces of glass against a copy board that had window plastic as the overlay. Really ugly. And the copy cameras were virtually untouched anymore. Once or twice a month maybe.

So I designed and had the Acti people make a bunch of upgrades to handle aerial film. Then I re-created my light decks a couple of times till I had good color printing while maintaining a 20x24 inch cool (here I mean cool to the touch) light source (dichroic doesn't come this large in a reasonable price.) And the Acti allows me to be virtually glassless. The only interference from the negative to the print is the lens and the copyboard glass which is this spendy super clear stuff. The Acti is also micrometer trammed to guarantee that the corners of the vacuum chase back for the negative, the lens board, and the vacuum back copy board are "perfectly" parallel eliminating corner blur entirely.

And honestly since the only other enlarger I have used is the little box one, so I find the speed and ease of use of these cameras is sooooo time saving. I mean I can print over 100 prints a day even if they are from different rolls of film, different scales, b&w or color. Virtually no cleaning between shots, no delays from for re-focusing because the micrometers allow for focusing once, recording the readings, then anytime I have for example Kodak 2444 film and want a 1000% enlargement, I just slap it into place and do a quick double check on the focus. Also because of the way the copy board is a pass through rather than solid, I focus with a 35x loupe right on the surface that the emulsion touches. Not reflected and hopefully close to the right plane for the emulsion. God I love my cameras.

Anyway, I have to get back to setting up the office here. Thank you again for your interest and blessings.