I want to do this, but it is imperative that it be limited to no more than 1/2 dozen people so that we avoid the "postcard exchange syndrome". I'm sure that most of you know what I'm talking about here. I've got the negatives, I've got the paper and chemicals and don't even resent the postage all that much (although it's > $20.00 when you add them all up because of all the overseas participants). But it's just too much damned time and effort to print 40 postcards each time I want to "reach out and touch someone".

Even if 40 people or so want to participate, we can still accommodate everyone by splitting up into groups. If I'm only sending out 5 or 6 prints a pop, I'll do it much more often. The feedback will be very motivating.

So count me in. Who will compile the list of the subgroups?