Actually the most important difference between her equipment and yours is hers is production copy equipment. The frames are much sturdier and more accurately aligned and the lighting possibly more uniform. Shes using copy cameras converted into enlargers, and the copy lenses are probably a heck of a lot better than the average enlarging lens and that plus the design of the copy cameras means she can make really big copy negatives, really big prints and quite a bit more than either of us can do.
Now as far as your Opemus 6 being inferior, thats a bum idea. It's designed to do what you want it to and do it quite well. You wouldn't drive an Indy car to work would you? Same idea, your enlarger is designed for your environment, not hers so it's like apples and oranges.
Personally I'd like to play with the equipment at her shop (I used to run a copy camera so I know how they work), but I'd still want my trusty old Beseler at home for my own work, wouldn't you?
Maybe Inthedark can post some pictures of her setup when the dust settles, I'd be fascinated to see it.