I followed my own advice. 6 minutes was just about right for 400TX 35 mm. Gradations are good to my eye. Perhaps a little bromide would help, but fog was not a serious problem for silver printing. The neg printed well on VC paper. Grain was a little bit high on TX, but I think sharpness is good. It ought to be worth a try on LF. It's simple enough, will help use up your hydroquinone before it spoils, and you might like it, who knows.

The solution looks exhausted the minute you mix the two parts. You will be tempted to add sulfite. Sulfite prevents the stain from forming if you add too much, and too much is a tiny amount. It will last long enough to do your film without sulfite.

At the least you will learn something you may not have known, that was known many years ago and lost in the rush to embrace the scientific belief system rather than the scientific method.