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I had a problem some time ago and did find that white does effect the print. I did some experimenting andf the black was the best. See this thread posted some time ago... http://www.apug.org/forums/forum41/9151-white-easel-discovery-problem.html
Great! Glad to see the discussion. I never thought to put a pattern on the easel and see if the pattern is visible on a print. I will try that with no negative in the enlarger and expose a piece of paper for a medium gray. If I see the pattern on the paper after I develop it, then I'll know there's a problem. I can understand how white would be an issue, but all of my easels have a flat yellow color which should reduce the problem.

When you think about it, the light that passes through the emulsion is also reflected to some extent by the bright white fibers of the paper all through the thickness of the paper. I guess the perfect paper would have a dark antihalation layer directly under the emulsion that turns bright white in developer.