I'm assuming that you're considering black acrylic as the plastic. It's ok, but cutting it is a bit tricky. It's brittle, so saw tooth profile is very important, and it tends to melt the saw chips along the cut line if you don't watch the saw speed. Even drilling it takes a bit of care, especaily as the bit exits out the backside of the pastic. Polycarbonate (Lexan) is not so brittle, and easier to work.

Yep... static will be troublesome in a dry climate.

Consider using tempered 1/8 inch masonite instead. Much easier to work, and very stable. Tempered masonite is the same stuff used for pegboards, so it wont get ..fuzzy.. and warp like the untempered stuff. A quick poof with some flat black spray paint, and you've got a holder for life. I've probably got 8 0r 10 of them for my various enlargers. Works great.