It's a Diana shot alright. The most important thing to remember about shooting toy cameras is to be lucky that day. I generally always shoot the thing with the widest aperture, and count on pyrocat developer to help tame any crazy overexposure in the highlight areas. It also helps to use a film like Tri-X (400TX) or HP-5 that has a shoulder in it's characteristic curve. Other than that, I just get a lot of practice at estimating distance. The shot I sent everyone was taken on a pretty gloomy day, so it was a bit thin and low contrast. I ended up printing it with a 4-1/2 contrast grade filter and doing some dodging on the longhorn's horn to keep some detail there. I developed it in Ilford Warmtone and used my homebrew bleach and redevelop sepia toner that I have tuned up to give me purplish colors on Ilford MGIV.