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There are many good choices at affordable prices at www.balances.com.

I have a Toyo 250g pocket scale. This is good enough for emulsions and developers. I check it occasionally with a 100g calibration weight, and it seems to hold fairly well, and seems to be consistent across the range. It was about $40 or so. The really cheap pocket scales may not be entirely linear (which you think would be important in a high-risk business like the drug trade, which I would guess is the likely market for them).

Generally, the greater the capacity of the scale, the less the precision. If I make a batch of hypo, I need to measure it in two parts. If you need to measure larger quantities, you might want a scale with 500g capacity, but larger than that, and it may not be precise enough for measuring small quantities.

The Toyo 250 is out of stock until January 2006. Is there any reason this scale: http://balance.balances.com/scales/741/would not be a good substitute? 500g capacity. Measures to .1g. Accuracy to .1g, too.
Thanks for all the replies and looking at this scale.