Well, I bought this lens a few weeks ago and it finally arrived. It was just a whim. I really want to play with old lenses. Ideally 19th century, but those are pricey when they are in usable shape usually. So I settled for a lens that will 100 years old in 7 years (well...maybe).

It is, as the title suggests, a Kodak Anastigmat 170mm f7.7 lens. It is mounted in a "Kodak Ball Bearing Shutter" which actually seems to be working pretty well. The serial number is 111573. From what I can gather, these lenses were placed on Kodak 3A Autographs. Which appeared to be a HUGE folder. The date on the shutter assembly says Jan 18, 1910 - Jan 7, 1913. I am guess that the chances of someone placing a new lens in an old shutter are pretty low. And that date seems to be appropriate for the camera the lens came with.

Please let me know if I am wrong though.

Anyway, I taped it onto a spare lens board just to see what I got. I was thinking that since this thing is so small, I'd get vignetting. At this point I was just looking for an old lens to play with.

Surprisingly (to me at least), this little lens seems to cover 4x5 pretty well. I didn't see any serious fall off (all though there probably is some...being a 7.7 the damn thing is DARK on the glass).

Anyway, can anyone give me more info on this lens? I am looking to simply play with and experiment with old glass cheaply. I like some of the effects that it can give.