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Hey Mike !! Yeah, I remember the feeling(s) quite well starting with the democratic convention in August 1968. The cops pulled off their name tags and rioted against the students and media. I was at ground zero in front of the Hilton at Balboa and Michigan shooting for the Sun Times. Later, when hizzonor was asked about the level of disorder and the roles the police played, Mayor Daley in true Daleyspeak responded with " Da police aren't here to create disorder. Da police are here to preserve disorder." His press secretary at the time, later begged the press to "print what he means, not what he says." Aaahhhhhhhhh, dose were da days. <sigh> I miss my hometown.

Man, I'd install a rearview mirror under that blanket and watch your back. Take care.
In September of 1968 I was eight years old and had just moved to Chicago. My next door neighbor was Declan Haun (then, of Life magazine). In his basement, his son Erich (my age) was delighted to show me the helmet Declan wore to cover the convention. It was a motorcycle helmet, completely covered with black photographer's tape and with a "LIFE" logo cut from a magazine cover centered above the brow. I didn't really understand the need for the helmet at first. Not long after that comes my earlies memory of television news and the courtroom drawings of Bobby Seal bound and gagged.