Reading Sandy's book about carbon tissue, I found this method, so I tried it with a good success, no bubbles, or other problems, it's work well for me.
I used a plastic sheet and a magnetic frame, like paper I had in my darkroom a old poster, so I cut it and I used as support, fantastic adesion, after 24h perfect dry. I printed with this tissue, and my fnal support was a fixed out paper, I put it in the water and after 3 minutes I would try to lift a corner, and ooppsss... the support paper was separated by the fixed out paper easily, but....the carbos was always on the support and not transfert on the final support.... I don't understand what happend!
Another question It's possible to make tissue by inversion using YUPO paper? and if yes it's different about "normal" paper, because yupo is like plastic?