The first time I saw the image was early in my studies of who I considered masters. I had discovered Weston and it was while studying one of his books I was introduced to this image. An image I haven't studied for some time.

I remember being disturbed by the image. Disturbed on many levels; the sadness of the circumstances; my wonder at why one would create an image first and respond later; not the least my fascination with such a morbid image. It had a solemn beauty and I felt honored the individual in the way it was presented.

I felt the image gave me a window into the artist soul. To me Weston was a photographer first. Capturing the moment for me to discover years later. It gave me a new perspective on the craft and a sensitivity to the subject. Later I came to realize that in some ways Weston was a photographer only; so many of his other relationships floundered yet his photography remained intact.

It was a profound experience and it has only been well after my first encounter with the image that I realized the impact it had on me.