I thought it would be appropriate to post this here rather than under the Workshops forum, so here goes.

Workshop #2 went very well. I am including a picture taken by the students using a 4x5 camera at CFAAHP in NYC last week.

This was from an ISO 40 exposure using an AgBrI SRAD (Single Run Ammonia Digest) emulsion with ortho sensitivity. The contrast and dmax were low, but the fog was good. Basically, I compressed into 24 hours what should have taken 72 hours, and therefore the low contrast and dmax. I may adjust the silver level in the coating in the future to give it a 'kick'. You can do this with the coating blades by adjusting the blade height.

This is a scan from about 2" x 3" of a 4x5 which was then adjusted for brightness and contrast after scanning. (I allow myself this, as I would have had to do the same in printing by using a grade 4 paper and by adjusting exposure time) Your objections (if any) are understandable, but I wanted to get this up so you could see it. Besides, the irony of using digital means to show you what you can do at home in analog making your own emulsion is not to be lost.

Blemishes and spots are an expected result from our drying conditions, as they were moving some equipment in the lab that day, and the fact that the students were just getting up to speed on technique. It is like learning to paint and trying to create a perfect masterpiece the first try. All in all, they did a fine job and I'm proud of them.

Thanks guys for coming to the workshop. We are planning to have the next one at the Formulary in June.